Mugler Follies

My Paris Vip takes you to enjoy Mugler Folies, a redemption of the vaudeville’s essence and its electrifying and sublime creativity. Watch a spectacle full of joy, eroticism, magic, high-tech, performance and engaging music. Onstage, dancers, acrobats, singers, actors, models and artists use the rhythm of the music and the dance to tell a fascinating story, with all its irreverence.

Experienced in producing major events in the world of fashion in Paris, the creator of Mugler Follies, Manfried Thierry Mugler offers a unique experience, blending flavours of a unique and contemporary to what is most traditional in the French cabaret scene. My Paris Vip invites you to enjoy this ground breaking musical!

Show + Diner Menu Torture Dentelle

156 € per person /1-9 persons


Show + Diner Menu Beauty

119 € per person /1-9 persons