Moulin Rouge

Red Mill, in a literal translation - was opened by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler in 1889, in the begginig of the World Exposition in Paris, whose main attraction was the creation of the Eiffel Tower.

Since then the Cabaret Moulin Rouge is a true symbol of Parisian nightlife, besides being the birthplace of the traditional French can-can dance. With bright costumes and luxurious design, the show consists of famous circus troupes and original special effects techniques. The 7pm show precedes an elegant dinner with champagne and French cuisine. Then at 11pm, starts a second show, however, without dinner.


Transfer +  Show + Diner Menu Toulouse Lautrec


245 € per Persons /1-3 Persons

225 € per Person /4-8 Persons


Transfer +  Show + Diner Menu Bèlle Epoque


260 € per Person /1-3 Persons

240 € per Person /4-8 Persons


Transfer +  Show + 1/2 Bottle of Champagne


195 € per Persons /1-3 Persons

160 € por pessoa /4-8 Pessoas