Castle Vaux-le-Vicomte

The castle of Vaux -le- Vicomte is located about 60 kilometers from Paris. Its construction was ordered by the superintendent of finances of Louis XIV, Nicolas Fouquet. It was planned and designed by the best architects, painters and landscape artists of the time, and was considered the main work of the classical architecture of the mid-seventeenth century.

Given the stunning beauty of this castle , Louis XIV ( especially invited the opening night ) feels humiliated under which the inauguration had attended the main representatives of the various European peerages and ordered the imprisonment of Nicolas Fouquet, who held the position of superintendent of finance and he suspected of having made illegal maneuvers with money from the crown, and also hires the architects and decorators who performed Vaux -le- Vicomte to build the palace of Versailles.

Vaux -le- Vicomte is the largest National Historic Landmark classified work and that belongs to the French state, but it is still private property .

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