This is a region that has a particular attraction for the beauty of its landscapes awarded steep slopes where different varieties of vines are harvested ( keep in mind that along with the area of Champagne and Bordeaux) are the three main wine regions are combined the increased production of wines and French wines, a particular and traditional cuisine without leaving at all of the great recipes that forged the reputation of the international cuisine and exceptional medieval architecture preserved to the maximum on its origin.

This central France, covering an area of ​​175 kms / 2 , from Chablis to Beaujolais north to south, with the exception of the first to be isolated from the rest of the region , plantations and vineyards are virtually continuous in which produce six different types of wine that benefit the label "AOC" ( Appellation of Controlled Origin ) saving each its own characteristics, the most prestigious being the " Cote de Nuits " and " Cote de Beaune", which together form the "Cote d' Or", the famous "Golden Hill " between areas of Dijon and Chagny.

My Paris VIP brings daily to the Burgundy region private visits. The outputs are directly from their Paris hotel. Contact us for your availability and also so that we can further expand the information.

Traslados + Visita


700 € transfer /1-3 persons

170 € per person /4-8 persons